Airbnb Has the Worst Customer Service

I’ve taken three trips in six months with Airbnb. Each was wonderful on its own and each experience with a host has been great. However, on my last experience, due to an issue with our passports at the airport, we had to cancel our trip less than 24 hours before the check-in time. As a result, per the terms of agreement, Airbnb charged us the service fee and the first night of stay. However, once I received my credit card bill I noticed I was charged more than that. It seems that an issue with the time zone calculation cost me an additional nightly charge and a cleaning fee to a place which I never checked in. After calling Airbnb (twenty minute wait on the phone) and explaining this, the customer service representative on the phone proceeded to hang up on me. When I called again (another 27 minute wait on the line) they hung up again. I called in a third time (21 minutes’ wait time) and they hung up again. I understand the company is trying to make money. However, this is not the way to treat its customers.

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  1. They just don’t care! Quality of guests are decent but we get 10 bad apples from 50-60 guests as hosts and they just don’t care. They review system sucks it like anyone can write lies and get away with it. The guests don’t seem to understand that this is not a hotel and someones home and by writing or hurting someone we are just trying to survive or earn extra cash we aren’t corporates. At end of the day us hosts have it the worst and AirBnb just doesn’t care.

  2. Impossible to deal with AIRBNB when you cannot speak to a PERSON directly. Our host claimed for excessive damages which we are 100% sure we did not create. We settled on an amount of R 2 140-00 to pay her and AIRBNB have now deducted this amount directly from my credit card. What happened to the holding deposit which was to amount to R 8 000-00 and the host now claims there was none?

  3. I was very disappointed by the lack of loyalty and care from Air B&B as a host. I had excellent reviews, beautiful ocean view property in San Diego, always made sure my house was in immaculate conditions for my guests, etc.
    Last Christmas I got a last minute call for the guest that was planning in staying in my house over the holidays, she informed me that she was bringing a “Companion dog” for hearing impediment. It took me by surprised since I had been in communications with her for over a month, and she never mention this.. I had a very clear profile that ask for not pets allowed. (Why will she choose a house that says NO pet allowed ?)She then cancelled the reservation, and first AirB&B said I would get my money since it was passed the cancellation time. I had just recover from cancer, not allergic to dogs, but my house was not prepared for dogs either.. I had already paid for cleaning services etc.. AirB&B took no consideration for me as a host. I found I would have to accept any rules or regulations as if my home is a public place.
    I felt that If something wrong will happen in my home, I will be on my own! I immediately removed my house from the listings, I did not think it was worth to take the risk. I worked hard for my place it was obvious that Airb&B only have their own agenda. They did not take the time to hear me, the guest lied about our conversation, I felt unprotected and dismissed.

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