1. When searching Airbnb for a Pet Friendly, Whole House place to stay in Nashville TN, do not select 1109 Pennock Avenue/Jared as the owner. I made this mistake- a week before my trip, I wanted to confirm it was ok to bring my dog. Suddenly my dog was too big, couldn’t bark, etc. so the refund process begins. The host tells me if he requests the refund it’ll “ding his account” so he asks me to submit the cancellation and promised I’d get the full refund minus the 10% cancellation. Two days ago Jared stated he sent the additional $400 on top of the $550 already refunded… he promised and outright lied about sending it. After my one and only Airbnb experience, I highly recommend you do not go this route. When I select pet friendly and whole house, I expect only homes with this criteria will show and this was not the case so they misrepresent properties..one word: fraud.

  2. If you have tried twice to get your money back from Airbnb without success then you need to contact you credit card company (citi?) and dispute the charge with you credit card company. Now you can forget dealing with Airbnb directly, you gave them a chance. Sometimes you can do it online, or you can call Citi and dispute the charge, this makes your credit card company fight on your behalf.

  3. The same thing happened to me two days ago! I booked a place in Chicago. I got the confirmation email. They charged my credit card. Then AirBNB canceled the reservation, saying my payment method was not valid. They then demanded a credit card statement. No vendor has ever done that. I’ve never even heard of that. Given all the very real identity threats out there, I told them I would not provide the information, but would be happy to talk with my credit card company directly to authorize the charge. Even the customer service representative on the phone thought it was a ridiculous request on their part. Because I wouldn’t share my statement, they closed my account immediately. I received an email saying they have every right to do that, the decision is irreversible, and customer service will not respond to any of my questions. It’s crazy.

  4. I went on AIRBNB today to book an apartment in London they took the money instantly sent me a confirmation and then cancelled my account. Trying to contact them is a nightmare and I have been told it will be 3-5 days for the money to be returned – NOT ACCEPTABLE – when I google the property in London it is an office building with no apartments – FRAUD !

  5. HI,
    same is happen to me.
    I book, they charge my credit card and then say payment method not valid and deactivate my airbnb account….

    now theres now way to contact them…

    did you get your money back?

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