I had the worst guest. All she did was complaing about he weather etc…She was an old hag! She was rude to the staff at the condo and then decided to cheek out 2 days early but before demanded we pay of her hotel and give her a refund for the 2 nights she was checking out. Of course we said no, then she wrote the nastiest review about us calling us bullies etc. We were so sweet to her and did everything she wanted! And she called us liars etc…when all along we had only 5 stars and all good reviews. Airbnb does not take the review down, and it is clear that she did it because we would not refund her, and she called us bully…Airbnb refused to do anything about it. They are useless!!! PLEAS SOMEONE OPEN A BETTER COMPANY THAN AIRBNB THEY SUCK!!!!!!!

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  1. I keep my house spotless and to a high standard earning Aiirbnb a lot of money over the years. However, this past year three times now they have completely screwed me over including verifying a guest who trashed my house and turned out to have a court dead beat record. I could go on forever about their disregard for hosts and our properties. At the end of the year I will be listing elsewhere.

  2. Don’t be a crybaby. Sometimes we get bad reviews as hosts. It happens, get over it. This isn’t your high school GPA trying to get into college. Your place isn’t going to burn down.

  3. Airbnb is an unethical business model, especially the non-owner-occupied houses and condos. Neighbors get to be the front-line enforcement crew free of charge. Guests rent the unsupervised units so they can behave badly. A host above is upset about his paying guests leaving cigarette butts on his yard. Try being a neighbor of one of these properties and seeing urination contests, public nudity, drunken brawls, having drunks vomit (on the Airbnb’s law if you’re lucky; yours if you’re not), music, PA systems, tents, slamming car doors, people bellowing into cell phones, bachelor party girls WHOOOOOOOOO-ing at 3 a.m., etc. etc. I hate Air bnb, and I have absolutely no pity for hosts that inflict this business model on neighbors and neighborhoods. Don’t like it? Stop doing nightly rentals in a residential neighborhood

  4. Everyone who tried to get money from me gave me a bad review except for one. When the veiled extortion started, I called her out on it and told her I had sought outside counsel and she went away and did not leave a review. Her name is Gini Wingard-Phillips and she is, in my opinion a nut case and attempted to get me to give her money. I am going to put the entire story up as soon as the link is working. Just avoid this in my opinion bat shit crazy, unethical lady and her in my opinion condescending self entitled friend Marjorie.

    Another one who wrote me a bad review because I would not give her money is Khushboo Kaplesh. Avoid her. She is really cheap and will squeeze you for anything she can get. She wanted money back on one day because they were taking a day trip and her stuff was still in the apartment. I even agreed to give her a $50 discount and she still tried to get another day back from me, wanted me to pay for her laundry detergent and a bunch of other stuff.
    Another bat shit crazy one, in my opinion is Martina Sailer. Instead of looking on her itinerary for my apartment number she buzzed all my neighbors looking for me after I told her, I did not want my neighbors to know my business. Then she gave me a bad review on things that if I knew were a problem, I could have fixed( like a chair had become rickety) and she said the place was too small. My listing clearly states how many sq feet it is and how many bedrooms it has. If she wanted a bigger place she could have rented a bigger place with more bedrooms and paid more money. I had many families tell me the space was more than enough for the same number of people. What a loony!

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