I had the worst guest. All she did was complaing about he weather etc…She was an old hag! She was rude to the staff at the condo and then decided to cheek out 2 days early but before demanded we pay of her hotel and give her a refund for the 2 nights she was checking out. Of course we said no, then she wrote the nastiest review about us calling us bullies etc. We were so sweet to her and did everything she wanted! And she called us liars etc…when all along we had only 5 stars and all good reviews. Airbnb does not take the review down, and it is clear that she did it because we would not refund her, and she called us bully…Airbnb refused to do anything about it. They are useless!!! PLEAS SOMEONE OPEN A BETTER COMPANY THAN AIRBNB THEY SUCK!!!!!!!