Airbnb Retaliates for Reporting Dangerous Hosts

Airbnb retaliates against those who report dangerous behavior by hosts (such as making solo female travelers run for their lives from the property when they’re chased by deranged guys) and gender discrimination/harassment by host. They start off by not taking any action against hosts and allowing them to continue operating (while lying to guests that they took action), even allowing hosts to leave false negative reviews for guests.

They know that some guests have to spend a night in a car after running for their lives from the property, as all was immediately reported to Airbnb. Guests insist that Airbnb take action, and they delete the guest’s account. It’s only a matter of time until next person is killed, like Carla Stefaniak, or harmed in the listings of this ruthless, irresponsible and greedy company. They must be stopped.

I was terrorized by a host who is the owner of Robert’s Redneck retreat Cabins (operating under a different name on Airbnb), made to leave the property out of fear for my life and was insulted and harassed by this host multiple times. All was immediately reported to Airbnb; I couldn’t find another accommodation on Friday night and spent the night in a car by the roadside.

Airbnb deleted my account when I said I’d go public since they’re not taking action and even allowed the host to leave me a bad review. This blog details the incident and pictures, as it’s too much to put in one post.

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  1. Hi:

    I was wondering if the investigative journalist at Columbia University is still working on the angle of background checks for Hosts.

    I’d prefer not to go into much detail here but I suspect that my current host has a criminal record and it includes a restraining order because of threats made to a neighbor.

    As far as I can see, Airbnb does NOT protect guests by doing background checks on hosts. I have been with their customer support all day and I’m not being offered a refund in spite of a detailed and honest account with a host.

    Please contact me if you are still working on this. Guests can find themselves in some very dangerous situations with a host that is not checked. This is a safety issue and I think that Airbnb should be doing background checks on Hosts.

  2. I have been sexually assaulted TWICE on airbnb by superhosts!!! Airbnb pretended to do something (I had evidence), but in reality did nothing except refund!! They are still listed. Airbnb is a scam company our ONLY to make money and do not give a CRAP if you are raped, except for the bad publicity. Folks, unless you are really really poor, use HOTELS!!!

  3. I can definitely believe your story.
    AirBnB KNOWS ( I informed them in writing as well as told at least 3 of their “resolution team members”) that a host is hosting in a town that short term rentals are ILLEGAL!!! They said they would take the matter seriously and take appropriate action but about 10 day to 2 weeks after my nightmare experience the SAME LISTING (it is not like the host just shut down the listing only to come back under a different name and or profile. It was the EXACT same name and profile as before) was up and running. Because the host did not write a review, my 1 star review did not show up and this host is still doing business.
    I was a “guest” at a home in Bloomfield NJ. The place was FILTHY when one looks at the grime on everything in the apartment but apt looked “organized” and tidy. The fabric on the furniture had, what appeared to be, food stains, dirt, dust and what look like bodily fluids on the upholstery. The kind of grime that is hard or next to impossible to capture in a pic or video. The windows of the second-floor unit were painted shut. There were NO SMOKE or CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS in the unit or in the building, a LIFE OR LIMB SAFETY VIOLATION.
    I am fairly certain that it was a half way house given that there were multiple units in the building and weird druggie people hanging out and coming and going. I left less than 12 hours after arriving. I was traveling with my 6-year-old son and came in very late after getting off a long flight across the country.
    When I called AirBnB about the problem, I was told that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are OPTIONAL and that AirBnB can not MAKE the host have essential safety precautions!!!
    Come to think of it, as soon as I post this, I will call the Bloomfield PD and report them.
    You are 100% right that AirBnB is an unscrupulous company that turns their cheek to totally illegal stuff.
    It is no wonder that towns and cities are limiting or making illegal, short term renting.
    Unfortunately, these rules only affect the good people that do short term renting to supplement their income or help them pay their rent/mortgage. The bad players have NO problem not following the law and have nothing to lose.
    I have my last guest leaving my Silicon Valley property on Aug 28th. I am leaving this business and have written an annual lease for that home. It is sad because I was providing a beautifully furnished home in an area where hotels are limited and there is a housing crisis. I have over 50 five star reviews and between VRBO (another company that changed for the worst) and Airbnb, I have over 100 4 or 5 star reviews as a host. I really enjoyed being a host to the good people I met from around the world.
    AirBnB changed my status to “instant book” 3 times AND turned on “smart pricing” constantly. So much so that when I canceled a reservation that was 1/3 the monthly rate that ANYTHING would rent for a month (I think the guest manipulated the algorithm to allow him to book at a fraction of the price), they froze up my calendar for the dates that the “guest” wanted them for. Despite claiming IF someone allows “instant book,” the host can cancel for any “reasonable” reason without penalty.
    Bye Felicia to AirBnB. This business is now only for “Churn and Burn” hosts and guests with low expectations and a lot of luck.

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