Airbnb Cancelled all Upcoming Reservations and Didn’t Tell Me

All my reservations were cancelled by Airbnb this morning. A guest who is a bride who booked for her groomsmen contacted me first. She was not happy or calm, but kind. My account is locked and under review, and a phone call revealed “it has already been escalated as Urgent to the Trust Team.” Does urgent mean I should expect a call or email in 24 to 48 hours?

What happened? They won’t tell me what they are investigating but before I was locked out completely here were the error messages I received: we notice you are logging in from a new device (not true, but I updated my cell carrier data settings in preparation for travel to prevent roaming charges).

They also asked me to verify my personal information; my birthdate was listed as 2007. Likely their software prevents 12-year-olds from hosting. I changed and corrected it, but am certain it was never listed that way. With Airbnb’s secret number in hand I called, but am in the urgent purgatory for 24-48 hours. I did get a case number, but that’s it.

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  1. The same happened to me recently as a guest trying to book accommodations. I listed my process at the link below—I was successful in having my account reinstated, but I had to do the work. Waiting for Airbnb would not be my suggestion. Make certain to check out the video link as the videographer details his process as a deactivated host. Good luck and be proactive.

  2. I hate this happened to a wedding party.

    You stated: “All of my reservations were cancelled by Airbnb this morning.”

    Did you have multiple reservations for the same days? If yes, they could’ve cancelled you for several reasons:

    1. You made Third party reservations (you reserved properties you were NOT going to stay in). Third party reservations are against Airbnb terms of service.

    2. Airbnb no longer allows guests to book multiple properties for the same dates.

    I think they made this change because guests would request to book several, wait to see which reservation requests were accepted, then pick the reservation they wanted (usually with the lowest price). As long as it was done within 24-48 hours, the guest could cancel with no fees or penalties but the hosts had their listings blocked as unavailable so no one else could book.

    Also this clearly would indicate third party bookings, which are against the Airbnb terms of service.

    (Occasionally you will find a host who will work with you if maybe you are booking for grandparents who don’t use the internet)

    3. You selected a two-payment option & the credit card couldn’t support the 2nd payment.

    4. You misrepresented the number of guests staying or perhaps the host thought there was going to be a party.

    If one host contacted Airbnb about items 1,2 or 4, Airbnb could suspend your account for not following their Terms of Service or Violating a Host’s House rules.

  3. When your guests see the cancellations they will no doubt blame you and post items on this site.
    Whilst I have great concerns for the guests in these circumstances, and when they find themselves in bad accommodation, will everyone please remember that many hosts also have acute problems with Airbnb as well. They tried to confiscate 1100 UKP of my earnings until I spotted what they were doing and closed my listing.

    I hope it all comes unstuck when they try to float, but suspect that will not be the case.

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