Airbnb Refuses to Remove Fraudulent Listing

I have been in dispute with Airbnb for a good seven months regarding a fraudulent listing not authorized by myself (the property owner) on their website. The listing had been created by an agent that had been working without my knowledge with a property manager I had employed to look after things as I live abroad. I have since discovered that the two had been allowing their own clients into my property for over a year, not disclosing this to me and therefore making money from my property.

I have confronted the two who admitted to doing so. I am currently in the process of removing my property manager from his post, however this has proven some what difficult as he is also living at the property. Needless to say it has been a hellish situation exacerbated more so by Airbnb’s refusal to remove the listing. During countless calls I have made I have been assured that the matter has been escalated to the right department and that someone is looking into it. The case has been closed and re-opened without my knowledge.

The last response I got was from an agent who questioned if the listing was indeed fraudulent the customers will not be able to gain access. I have explained that I am dealing with a dishonest staff member who is still living at my property and allowing entry to customers despite my insistence that this should be stopped. I feel powerless to do something regarding the listing, all the while trying to remove this former member of staff from my property has its own challenges, in a country of which does very little to support foreign investors and business owners.

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  1. Put on your Big Boy or Girl pants, call a proper locksmith and change all the locks and install a security system and CCTV. Post a massive sign on the door and front window that it’s been seized and if they come from ScareBnb it’s a scam, with t a contact number for ABNB customer service. Post the property as “Private” and put up no tresspassing signs. Job done.

  2. Have a friend book the listing and then leave a negative review explaining exactly what they are doing so that everyone who views the listing can see it. Won’t exactly solve your problem, but might at least deter a few guests.

  3. Can you not evict someone (the property manager) because they are illegally subletting your place? Could you contact the police to evict this person? I am sure they are in breach if whatever rental agreement you have with them. Alternatively, when they are out, go in and change the locks and put all the person’s belongings on the street (not sure that’s legal so you probably want to get legal advice).

    Also make sure to report this property manager AND the company they work for to the police and tax office. They will likely be acting illegally in other people’s properties too and may be evading taxes and other regulations.

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