Airbnb Refuses to Pay for a Guest Who Stole Everything

We accepted a reservation from a verified guest. The guest stole everything out of the house. I mean everything, down the broom next to the furnace. We did everything Airbnb required that we do: file a police report, make an Excel sheet of all the items taken, provide receipts for everything, and take before and after photos. It has now been a month and they continue to drag their feet. Hosts beware: Airbnb does NOT verify their guests. Get additional information from your guests: driver’s licenses, credit cards, photos of guests and vehicles. Meet every guest prior to their stay and check them out. Do not rent to anyone new to Airbnb and does not have exemplary reviews – no matter what. Believe me, the money isn’t worth it. Airbnb does not care about you, especially if you can’t make them any more money.

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  1. I don’t think there is such an insurance, and in any case the insurance would expect airbnb to pay as its within their host warranty.
    I am wondering if the host gets to see this comment and could update us if something changed in the meantime?

  2. Tony, I’ve seen you post this comment a few times. Is there insurance you recommend? I have landlords insurance here in the UK, but it doesn’t cover theft from people who are ‘legally’ allowed on the property. In other words if they don’t break in, you are not covered.

    Is there a type of insurance you recommend?

  3. Why on earth didn’t you have your own insurance covering your property?? To not do that, then let other people enter your property from any rental platform is just plain stupid.

  4. Let the air our of Airbnb. Lies, deceit, unscrupulous, it’s only a matter of time the Roman like Empire will crash!

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