Airbnb Refund Ripoff from Wrong Calendar Dates

I booked a duplex through Airbnb and the money was paid up front. As it turned out, there was a mix up with the dates reserved and I had to cancel said reservation. We showed up to the duplex for the dates of our vacation but the duplex was full. It turns out my reservation was made for the following week. This was not right. We were six hours away from home and had been there waiting to check in for nearly 12 hours. Begin panic mode.

The host agreed to put us into another condo for the night but that’s all he had. Not the greatest but… okay. We were charged another small fee for that. Then we were left to find somewhere completely different, costing us double the initial amount of the trip altogether.

Back to Airbnb… I cancelled the wrong reservation immediately which was exactly seven days ahead of the reservation date (standard timing for refunds). Here’s the kicker: I then tried to get back on Airbnb to find another place to stay, thinking I was to blame for the mishap. However, when I was trying to select the dates needed on the calendar, it was plugging in the same days selected, only it was for the following week. That’s what happened – a website error.

I notified my host and Airbnb immediately. Still, I got the runaround. If I hadn’t been so stressed out and upset from the whole ordeal, I’d have thought to record what I was seeing in order to send it and prove to them. When asked to do an audit, ‘they don’t see anything.’ If I had any more money, I’d sue their ass for illegal practices and emotional distress. All they did was reserve a spot on a calendar and take my money. That’s it. Besides making my life hell the last two weeks. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

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  1. You don’t know how to enter correct dates on a website and then blame the website for emotional distress? You qualify for internet dumbo of the month:)

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