Airbnb Locks Changed by a Judge, Belongings Seized

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  1. Sam

    So if Airbnb is illegal in Barcelona why then is Airbnb facilitating illegal activity?

    And why are you slamming the victim, who may not have known that it was illegal, instead of slamming Airbnb, which damn well knows that it is illegal

  2. I’ll help you with spanish if you still need it. For free. I’m home taking care of a relative all summer and have a lot of time. Just make a post letting me know and I’ll make a throwaway email

  3. If that were the case why would she be able to book an apartment in that area? Why do you continue to make nasty condescending comments to people? I believe you actually work for Airbnb and this nasty derogatory method for minimizing complaints is but a manifestation of your significant mental illness.

  4. Airbnb is outlawed in Barcelona. You didn’t do your homework; wanted to travel on the cheap; stayed in an illegal abode and now you’re crying? Time to grow up and learn a little responsibility. Thanks for the laugh about ‘the legal team’. I’d send a letter to the King of Spain:)

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