Airbnb Party House not Complying with Lockdown

We are renting a terraced property in the greater Manchester area and the property next door to ours has been an Airbnb host for a few months. This was a problem before lockdown started in the UK but has been exacerbated significantly since then.

Since the start of lockdown, the Airbnb next door has been occupied by multiple separate groups of adults for short-term stays, with gatherings of up to 20 people staying in the property. Every single group booking has used the Airbnb for non-essential travel to host house parties. It is clear the Airbnb listing has been listed as a “party house” because every group of adults that has stayed there has purely booked to host parties until 3:00-4:00 AM playing loud music, shouting in the street and other associated antisocial behaviour.

This is incredibly frustrating as we are a house of key workers, working in a hospital for the NHS, so we have to continue to work during the pandemic. However, nearly every night we are being woken up by the loud music and shouting impacting our work. This had been a less serious problem prior to lockdown but since the majority of people are furloughed or working from home these flexible hours have enabled these individuals booking the Airbnb to have mid-week parties. They have chosen to book a property away from their home to have a party breaking lockdown with the assumption that they do not want to do this in their local area as it clearly breaks government guidelines for non-essential travel.

We have made a complaint to Airbnb against the anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood and have complained to our local council, but were wondering if anyone else has had similar issues or has any advice moving forwards. We have attempted to contact the host but received no reply.

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  1. My partner and I are experiencing the same thing in Sydney, Australia. We live in a semi-detached, and our neighbour has turned her half into an Airbnb party house. We have to endure large, noisy parties (usually with really bad music) every single weekend. I can’t believe how selfish our neighbour has been in doing this, and we feel powerless to stop it. The cops do nothing, and I’ve heard Airbnb are useless. I feel really sad, because our place was so lovely and peaceful until this started, and we feel forced to move because of it.

  2. It seems this is an issue the word over. I have a self centred host of an air B&B next to me and I am also a nurse working in a pandemic. Flagrant disregard for my family, our sleep quality and our lives as permanent incumbents is frustrating and upsetting. It would seem as a neighbour there is no power to stop these money hungry takers in our society. In Aussie terms it is their way or the highway so they can fund their “forever family” home.
    I am just hopiing that when that host and his family become unwell with Covid that they have a tired and exhausted health professional caring for them.

  3. Why didn’t you call the police? A clear violation of lockdown rules – unless they booked under the name of Cummings 🙂

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