Airbnb Owners Traumatise Neighboring Family

We have attempted to communicate with our neighbours for the last three years to find some sort of resolution to the constant intrusion to our family life. Our communication has been up and down to say the least but we are now blocked. In summary they have countered, ignored and deferred our desperate pleas for action for three years. I guess if they are earning $600 a night for a heavily booked hotel with no consequences, it’s not in their best interest to acknowledge our concerns. Insulating the house and putting up a decorative privacy screen does nothing to mitigate the foul behaviour and assaults that emanate from an openly advertised party venue. The owners are running the business next door and they are responsible for what happens there. I believe that as an owner of the property they should be held accountable for what happens. We have been verbally and physically abused and my children now have to ask if it’s ok to play in our back yard. Airbnb have ignored our multiple reports and phone calls. I was hit by flying beer and wine bottles last week. What does it take?


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  1. This has all been good advice, but it doesn’t go far enough. What you should be doing is suing the owner in small claims court Every time their guests cause a nuisance. You can typically file for up to $5,000. Get all the other neighbors that have been affected to sue the owner as well. If you don’t know the owner’s name, you can get it through the local property tax office.

  2. Forget trying to work with the homeowners & Airbnb. Both apparently are not interested in the well-being of the neighbors or neighborhood.

    Start with the county – Tuesday morning (I say Tues because Monday is Presidents Day and offices are closed) – Tues AM call your county first to find out if Airbnb properties (or any short term rental housing such as this) is allowed. If not – report them.

    Next ask about Noise Ordinances. Find out what the restrictions are.
    (In our rental we have what we call our ‘quiet times’ to protect the sanity of the neighbors. We remind vacationers that while THEY are on vacation – most neighbors have to get up and go to their jobs in the morning. If our guests cannot respect these quiet times they are sent packing. Furthermore, respect goes further than just ‘quiet times’ – if any Guest harasses a neighbor in any way – out they go!) We VALUE the relationship we have with our neighbors. They help us care for the property (in return we allow their swimming in our pool when Guests are not actively staying) – they are our eyes/ears & sometimes voices on the ground and we will go out of our way NOT to damage this relationship.

    Once you find out what the noise ordinances are (if any) – each time there is a violation – call the police. Anytime, EVERYtime. If you are harassed by homeowners or Guests – call the police. The county & PD is only going to put up with this for so long~

    Write a letter to your Senator. I know, that sounds so silly. But here’s the thing – there has been a special committee formed to investigate the shear number of consumer complaints about Airbnb now. ALL voices NEED to be heard!

    Good luck –

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