Airbnb Guest Destroyed Flooring Amounting to $1,000

My very first guest stayed at my condo for two weeks. Needless to say, I was quite ecstatic since it was my first time hosting. I thoroughly cleaned the place, stocked up up the kitchen, provided clean linen and extra towels, the works. Throughout his stay I was kind of worried because whenever I texted him he would not respond. I trusted him enough to let him have a late check out time and self check out. To my demise I walked in the unit a few hours later after I finished work and my laminated floors were all damaged from moisture. There was a huge puddle under the split-type air conditioner. I messaged the guest several times (he was on his way back to California) and got a response two days later; he admitted that he saw the leak, just simply cleaned it up with the towels, and declined to pay the measly $300 that I was asking for a cheap band aid solution. I got in touch with Airbnb and it was only then that they said I should get a proper documented estimate. I got in touch with our building’s supplier which naturally cost more. I gave Airbnb two options: one for $1,000 and another for about $1,600. They got back to me just now (I filed the complaint on February 12th, after the guest left) and the emails state that they will issue me a check for $1,000. I’m really looking forward to getting the check and having the repairs done but sufficed to say, I’ve unlisted my space for good. Just a tip: never list your space on Airbnb if you are not ready for damages and the stressful process of it all.

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    • I believe the problem is the guest said sh%T about theproblem.. thus there was need for the floor to get damaged?

      Basically if ahh your sink leaks let’s say a gallon water on your floor everyday and you don’t get notified.. how can you fix it?

      For example for me.. a guests children.. spilled a BIG GULP on top of my okay furniture and after some time the top of it had dried.. but all the big gulp was wet/drying on that furnture underneath the mat.. so now I have a dresser/furniture that has stains in it from what happens when you leave a spilled 7-11 big gulp on furniture with a covering mat on top of it..

      So if the guest had noticed this? I assume maybe they would have said something and I could have dried easily.. but they didn’t or the kids didn’t give a @#% whatever.. so now I just have stains and piss-poor airbnb resolution process…

  1. Like Jan says I wouldnt count on a successful outcome until the cheque arrives. Am still waiting after 4 weeks for a 12 day hosting of $1000. Lucky even to get an email response from my dealings with them.

    • It’s really discouraging to ever host again. I hope they don’t delay the check for that long since these damages usually get more problematic over time.

  2. Your story sounds too good to be true and I HOPE you are one of the LUCKY ones that Airbnb works with. So far they have PROVEN to NOT work with any other hosts (even with PROPER documentation & blatant damages from said guests) and knowing how they operate you are VERY lucky that they agreed to pay for damages caused from an a/c unit puddling on the floor- get that money and RUN as fast as you can!

    Please give us an update and let us all know if that check ever arrives –

    • I will let you guys know once I get a hold of the check! Too bad I can’t post photos here but I’m really trying to be optimistic about this. Will update once I get it.

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