Airbnb offers refund without proper review or investigation

Guests book property for 28 days but after checking in contact Airbnb and say they are not happy, complain about lack of mobile phone coverage, dryer not working, place unclean, etc. etc. then say it is a hazardous environment because guest is six months pregnant and has allergies. They send pictures of a cobweb behind a dresser and a dirty shade in a loft used for storage and other macro pictures that show a spot as proof of lack of cleanliness.

Property was professionally house cleaned. I offer to send housekeeper back to property but guests so far have refused to contact her.

Airbnb says they are entitled to immediate refund and offer to find guests another Airbnb listing in the area. While searching guests remain in property for a week (and are still there).

Airbnb informs me that guests only have to pay for days that they have stayed at property which are substantially reduced based on the monthly booking.

Unable to make any future plans because I do not know when they will leave but expect to be severely out of pocket because of last minute cancellation.

Have tried to contact Airbnb on numerous occasions to discuss the situation. I have also sent detailed emails but case officer rarely responds and when she does offers a very brief response that is not helpful. When I speak with representatives they assure me that everything will be okay but refuse to document it and refuse to provide me with their full names or contact information. Its absolutely hopeless.

From this experience it is obvious to me that Airbnb does not care at all, they continue to make money (for doing nothing) while I am left out of pocket. Very bad experience which I will not repeat. Beware, policies on website are not followed any booking can easily be cancelled which will leave you out of pocket.

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  1. The other day I was on the phone with an airbnb rep who became condescending to me even though part of the discussion was about another rep who lied to me about contacting a guest. He said he did when he had not. He also told me stuff that caused me to lie to this guest. At some point, I got sick of the rude attitude and I turned on my recorded on my iPad and put him on speaker phone. Planning to post it on youtube. Anyway, after the call where he said he was going to take certain actions. I did not receive the normal sappy sweet perfunctory post call follow up email. It seems I have complained to much to Airbnb and they have become upset with hearing the truth. So, anyway after reading all of this, I see I really need to post this encounter. Will update when it is posted.

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