Airbnb laissez-faire when it comes to customer service

In April, I booked a room in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico wanting to visit a festival in January 2020. The room was not cheap. The reviews of the host were good. The listing contained a street name. After booking, I asked for a full address. To this day I have no exact address and the confirmation email link leads to a museum.

This feels like a complete fraud. Airbnb already took hundreds of euros off my credit card, offering no refund so far since I have complained. To make sure I did not get stranded or relocated far away from the action, I also booked a hotel (this week) because I think Airbnb is very laissez-faire when it comes to customer service.

I travel alone and safety is a priority. I am done with the fact that they do not check the location of the rental nor do they check if the host has any right to rent it out. Beware because you may be next to get stranded or lose a lot of money. No more Airbnb for me.

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  1. Airbnb is a fraud. They just kicked thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of hosts off the platform after that killing at an Airbnb in California. I was on Airbnb for around a year. I had so many unbelievably privileged, complaining, whining people I couldn’t believe it. Guests who never bothered speaking to me but would Savage me personally in their reviews after they had stayed. It culminated in 3 of 6 rooms being rented by overgrown children in their early twenties completely trashing my home, screaming at one another at the top of their lungs at 1:30 in the so loud they could be heard throughout the house, pulling decorative swords off of the wall and playing with them and tampering with the two security cameras I have pointing out the driveway and parking area which also have interior cameras In the public spaces of the living room and kitchen just like any hotel has security cameras in their Lobby and public areas. They are even on camera laughing and saying quote Howard is going to be pissed! Hahaha end quote. Airbnb asked for the proof and evidence which I gladly send them. Instead of kicking these rude, thoughtless overgrown children off of Airbnb having just signed up, They turned around and kicked me off of the platform! Airbnb is a fraud. They give you zero opportunity to question their decision whomever may have made it and absolutely no way to appeal it. I am still receiving emails from their computer saying go to this page and you can appeal the decision and when you do there’s nothing there!  Everything is gone including my financial records. Thanks Airbnb for being so inclusive and non-discriminatory that you never support the host.

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