1. This is likely a “knee jerk” reaction in response to the Orinda,CA shootings in which 5 were killed and The Management swore to “check all 7 million hosts” (implying the hosts are to blame for the platforms total control over and resulting lack of guest vetting). The Management are handling it in their usual form- reactive based on diversion of attention from their own shortcomings with as little investment as possible and no set policy, training of staff, or communication with the population involved, coupled with mass inattention to detail with many cracks for everyone to fall through.

    The hosting community pages are full of detailed suggestions about how to vet both hosts and guests safely, efficiently, and fairly, and as a fellow superhost, of you’ve already perused these discussion threads, you know the drill…and there will be a lot more of this happening. So sorry you’re sealing with this, that it’s truly such bad business for everyone involved, and thanks for the warning…

  2. I was on Airbnb for around a year. I had so many unbelievably privileged, complaining, whining people I couldn’t believe it. Guests who never bothered speaking to me but would Savage me personally in their reviews after they had stayed. It culminated in 3 of 6 rooms being rented by overgrown children in their early twenties completely trashing my home, screaming at one another at the top of their lungs at 1:30 in the so loud they could be heard throughout the house, pulling decorative swords off of the wall and playing with them and tampering with the two security cameras I have pointing out the driveway and parking area which also have interior cameras In the public spaces of the living room and kitchen just like any hotel has security cameras in their Lobby and public areas. They are even on camera laughing and saying quote Howard is going to be pissed! Hahaha end quote. Airbnb asked for the proof and evidence which I gladly send them. Instead of kicking these rude, thoughtless overgrown children off of Airbnb having just signed up, They turned around and kicked me off of the platform! Airbnb is a fraud. They give you zero opportunity to question their decision whomever may have made it and absolutely no way to appeal it. I am still receiving emails from their computer saying go to this page and you can appeal the decision and when you do there’s nothing there!  Everything is gone including my financial records. Thanks Airbnb for being so inclusive and non-discriminatory that you never support the host.

  3. Readers would certainly be interested in what you were charged with. The cloak of Superhost status doesn’t cover all the sick things people do.

  4. As opposed to about 90% of the posts on here that are the result of a greedy host or an entitled guest, this is a real issue unique to Airbnb. They try to automate more than they are capable of automating, and the supplement their automation with low-paid, untrained, and under-staffed customer support. Their system is very imperfect and they make a lot of mistakes, and they don’t have the resources to fix their mistakes.

    However, as a host, you did make two big mistakes. The first was to ignore that e-mail instead of opening it up right away. Suspicious or not, you need to learn to use the tools that you need for hosting, and e-mail is one of them. The second is to rely on Airbnb as a source of income. Do not expect Airbnb to reimburse your lost income for bookings they cancelled in error. It’s not going to happen.

  5. Welcome to the club of cancel host. I had about the same experience after being 5 year on the platform with 6 properties. Here today gone tomorrow! All an a hearsay guest review! Searching for solutions. Any suggestions are welcome.

  6. I have heard this before about blocking last minute. And losing bookings.
    I wonder if there is anyway to get around that.
    Like maybe exchange all info with guests once they book
    That way if communication is lost they can just go ahead and come?
    I dont know. Just thinking out loud.

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