Airbnb Inconsiderate of Older Travelers

Airbnb refused to refund my March 18-25 stay, which I cancelled on March 9 after the CDC urged people over 60 to socially distance and not travel. Their ‘extenuating circumstances’ policy for refunds doesn’t kick in until March 14, days after the CDC issued contrary guidelines for older travelers. This makes no sense and is, if anything, discriminating to those of us in that age cohort. I’ve long been an Airbnb booster, but this ends now.

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  1. Fortunately I cancelled in time to received a partial refund from my host, who I do actually feel for; I understand this is a catastrophic situation for owners who can never make up their losses.

    But if Airbnb says they are issuing corporate refunds for Covid cancellations, I don’t think they can start that policy on the 14th, when travel advisories were in effect days earlier.

  2. Sue them if you are sure about your rights. It’s the only language that airbnb management will respect.

    But if you are not sure, then it’s bad luck and you lost the lottery to find a cheaper private accomodation than a regular hotel room booking.

    At least it’s good for your host who may desperately need the income from your rent.

  3. This is interesting since my guest also cancelled 2 weeks before the new extenuating circumstances policy and 2 weeks after we got paid, Airbnb took the money back stating it was to refund to the guest due to the Corona Virus (the guest did not state a reason to cancel).
    I checked with my guest and he did NOT get the refund back. Airbnb charged me but did not pay the refund. the guest stated he was awarded 25% of the cost as travel credit for the future, which is NOT what was advertised, stated to me, or published in the Airbnb CEO video.
    So, sounds like no one but Airbnb actually got paid….

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