Airbnb Travel During a Worldwide Pandemic

The Airbnb website says if your travel is before May 31 you are entitled to a full refund. However, when I tried to do my cancellation it charged me the cleaning fee. I have sent repeated messages to our host and she has not responded to what kind of documentation is required for a refund.

I would think that with a worldwide pandemic and stay at home orders everywhere that further documentation would not be necessary but I cannot get a response and I have not received any confirmation of the cancellation or the refund.

This booking was for 11 days in the UK so it is a lot of money I am out if they do not follow through. If they fail to refund, I am hoping the attorney general will take action to ensure we are not cheated out of this refund.

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  1. You are confused. the proportion being held back is Airbnb’s service fee’s. Yes absolutely you are entitled to a full refund if you booked before the 14th of March for travel after the 14th till the end of May. You need to either go through the steps of claiming through the website on the cancellation page. Many people in the UK are taking screen shots of the UK Governments advice against movement from place to place. Submit this and you will. get your money back. Either that or call Airbnb directly. The host has no control over what Airbnb deems acceptable, I know many who are so confused as the rules keep changing. Contact Airbnb or go through the cancellation process on-line. This is not an issue for your host to give authority to cancel, give them a break they have no power to do anything but are taking the brunt of criticism.

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