Do Airbnb Hosts Take Any Pride in Their Homes?


Upon arrival we noticed the home hadn’t been clean. All primary areas in which we were to occupy were dirty. The home was not clean enough to stay in. The shower had mold, and the fridge and stove looked as if they hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. The linen was dirty with stains and what looked like pet hair. You could physically feel the dirt on the comforter. There were two locks and the key wouldn’t work for the bottom. Only the top lock worked, but it became stuck and hard to turn or remove the key. Some of the windows within the home did not have locks and the neighborhood appeared slight sketchy; the overall feeling wasn’t safe for two women traveling from out of town. Overall we did not feel safe. When attempting to contact the host to inform her we felt uncomfortable and unsafe she became very confrontational and basically said she didn’t care what we did as she had her money. She stated that the house had been throughly cleaned and cut me off as I was explaining the door situation. The host knew the home she provided didn’t conform to health code standards and should have been ashamed; no one would be comfortable staying in those conditions. Safe yourself from being robbed morally, financially, and probably even physically while using Airbnb.

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  1. I can relate To that situation. The condition of the home and the confrontation with the host.
    I also sent photos of the various common areas in the house as well as my bedroom. I neglected to take photo of the bathroom because I thought it would be an overkill. The host response was that the pictures were false, not accurate . I am not sure where she thought I would have searched for such pictures to present a false pictorial testimony. I don’t know photo shop .
    My complaint was mainly to alert other potential guests. I knew that getting a refund would be difficult at best and was willing to let it go.
    The host replied that I owe her money for lost keys – which sh e could not find, since I left them in the house – and cost for changing the lock.
    My comments triggered the host to make up a claim against me. A couple of days after I left she posted in Airbnb that ” everything was OK”. She never mentioned the missing keys, which I would think it would be the first thing one host would notice. She never called me to alert me. The keys were left on a table . Maybe she will find them some day and will realize that I did not take the keys.
    Almost three weeks went by when I made my remarks and asked for a partial refund.
    Inmediately the host came out with the lost keys issue. It took her that long to realize she did not have the keys? Why dint she contact me right away?
    Publically on the Airbnb board she wrote I had lied and she was disappointed.
    It is not worth a battle with certain individuals. I did not reply on the public board as I don’t intend to harm her by putting her name public. That is not my intention.
    I did have to go to resolution center. It helped end the case.

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