Airbnb Hosts Aren’t Allowed to be Offline

I put my house on Airbnb a few months ago. I’ve stated in my rules that the house is a self check in house and I have stated the codes to enter the house, as well as, of course, the name of the street and also the number of the door. I’ve called my house “Beach&bike”, because I have two bikes and the house is near the beach. My house is located in a small plaza with eight other houses. It sits on top of a hill and it has a bike nailed to the upper floor.

My first guest was unable to find the house, and canceled the reservation, with Airbnb’s permission, and no refund. As if I’m obliged to be the guests GPS. I could go on for hours criticizing Airbnb for trying to enslave hosts. For instance: you’ve missed a text message at 4:00 AM? You’ll get rated as a person of “slow responses” because you, as a host, are not allowed to sleep.

However, it was what happened next that I found surprising. Airbnb allowed a guest that was never in my house to comment on it. And so, the guest give me one-star ratings for everything. The guest rated the house as very dirty – without ever being inside. The guest commented the house was a “scam”, thus implying that I – the host – am a dishonest person.

I’ve contacted Airbnb several times, explaining that a lie is a lie and that if the guest admittedly was never inside the house then the guest could not comment, at least not on that subject. I’ve told them time and again the house was no scam – as proven by dozens of happy guests. Airbnb cares as much about the truth as Trump.

It’s a rule Airbnb has: a person can rate the cleaning of a place without entering it. It’s an Airbnb rule that a person can rate an area as terrible where he was sitting for an hour, and knows nothing about it. It is an Airbnb rule that a person who was not ever your guest and doesn’t know you can commit libel and lie about you, imply that you are dishonest, and leave these comments forever on the Airbnb site for everyone to see.

Why? Airbnb cares only about one thing: earning money. If that includes lying, cheating, and having no respect for morality, so be it. They call themselves a “community”. Don’t be fooled. They are just like Uber, another money-seeking giant trying to squeeze you.

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  1. You can send guests a google maps link to your listing’s exact map coordinates, so they can find your listing not just by the address. You can only do this after the guest’s booking is confirmed, though.

    You’re in the hospitality business, not the my-rental-takes-care-of-itself business. Yes, you should answer your messages at 4:00am if you want to be a good host. Airbnb doesn’t care about text messages, just platform messages (through their app).

    Unfortunately, an guest that cancels within 24 hours before check-in can leave a review and they won’t take down blatant lies unless it actually violates Airbnb’s terms of service. It’s really stupid.

    Yes, they are a company that only cares about money. Just like every other company in the world. I’m betting you don’t want to list your property with a non-profit organization, though.

    • What rot!
      Yes, you can send a google map link but some will still not use it or have the common sense to ask directions of a local. And why should a host spoon feed a guest when a guest is quite capable of looking up a map themselves? It is our job to provide accommodation, not to take the guest by the hand and look after them every step of their stay.

      Rubbish! Not every hospitality business is open 24/7, only those that charge accordingly and you’re talking 5 star in that case.

      Why wouldn’t anyone want to list with a non-profit organisation? If they bring bookings for reasonable charges, I certainly would not discriminate against them.

      • What is rot is this person calls himself a “host”. He’s nothing more than a landlord.

        Sending a map link is trivial and can be automated even on Airbnb’s crap system. It’s hardly spoon-feeding.

        Every single hotel I’ve stayed at in the last 20 years has had 24/7 support by phone if not in person at the front desk. That’s every thing from Motel 6 to Intercontinentals worldwide. Not even one was a 5-star hotel, either.

        Most non-profit organizations will expect YOU to work for free or a discounted rate. 😉

    • @Brian – even with a google maps link, some people still can’t find a listing and give you bad ratings for at least location and check-in. Can’t win.

  2. Yes, I’ve also had guests publish false reviews. It’s a pity actions for defamation are prohibitively expensive. I wish I was filthy rich or legal process was dirt cheap so I could sue the tits of them.

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