The Worst Airbnb Experience (so far) in Jersey City

Let’s start from the beginning. I needed to check-in about an hour or so earlier than noted on Airbnb. The host instructions were to contact the hosts’ representative if I had any questions. When I called them, the lady (offshore call center with struggling English) said to contact the host. Hence, I called the host number directly and I think the host picked up and agreed to check me in early.

He sent me the largest text message I’ve ever received (I had to swipe an entire mobile phone screens worth of text at least five times), with redundant check-in instructions that were entirely out of order, and largely useless. Towards the bottom were the keycodes to get in, which worked fine.

However, once inside and settled, a lot of issues were noticed that became red flags: the rooms upstairs were extremely hot, regardless of if the temperature controlling the central A/C was set at the lowest setting of 68. I advised the host of the problem, and made the following suggestions to remedy: install a portable A/C unit, install a window A/C unit, or program the thermostat to go lower than 68 (if possible).

The response received was literally a screenshot of some computer screen showing the temperature setting of 68 and stating to me it was comfortable. For me: stop right there, cardinal sin, game over, I’m cancelling. I don’t book reservations with gaslighting, pretentious idiots.

The bed top was a cheap, extremely uncomfortable memory foam. If you sleep on it, you will wake up with a back ache. In addition, either a guest, or some random guy was smoking low quality marijuana downstairs, stinking up the entire home. While in New Jersey it is medically legal, and there are no explicit house rules forbidding this, it is should be stated up front on the listing folks are allowed to do this. I likely would not have booked if I knew.

There is a dog next door that barks loudly and incessantly at all hours of the day and night. The host needs to contact the local animal control and police department about a noise complaint. He refused to do so.

As mentioned earlier, the host has a attitude of being dismissive of guest complaints, insulting their intelligence with nonsensical responses, gaslights, etc. The location is in the worst neighborhood of Jersey City (right on the border of JC and Bayonne). There is a lot of ‘hooping and hollaring’ outside at all hours of the night.

The cancellation policy is strict. Hence, regardless of the problems reported to the host, he will respond with some non-answer response, wasting your time, and refusing a refund. If you cancel, he will give you nothing no matter what. The only way to get a reasonable partial refund is to contact Airbnb.

In conclusion, I will be avoiding this clown, and all of his listings going forward. Avoid this guy like the plague unless you are a sadomasochist and love one-star experiences on Airbnb.

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  1. Oh my god, you had to scroll through some text! Did that tire your swiping finger? The A/C is set at 68F and you suggested the host spend thousands on individual air conditioner units for every room? Do you realize that you make yourself look like an entitled twit?

    What that you say? You paid good money for that room? All of the hosts listings are private rooms in shared-space listings. The prices range from $33 to $42 per night. If you don’t want to share the things that come with a shared-space listing (noise, odors, temperature), then book a whole house, and don’t complain about the price.

  2. You sound like you’d be a real hoot at a party.

    Someone does you a favour by allowing you an early check-in and makes sure you know how to get in by giving detailed instructions and you complain you had to use your finger too much.

    You book cheap, basic and simple accommodation (from reviews you linked) which even has air-conditioning but it’s not cold enough for your liking so you tell the owner to install additional air-conditioners (but don’t expect him to raise rates I suppose). When you are told 68F (20C) is satisfactory you accuse him of being pretentious and manipulative because he dared to disagree with you but it’s ok for you to tell someone how to run their business.

    You then complain about a dog, the neighbourhood, a smell of weed, the cheap furnishings … what do you expect for cheap, basic, simple accommodation? Buckingham Palace?

    I’d think most hosts would be pleased if you didn’t stay with them. You’re too much trouble, high maintenance,demanding and difficult to please for what it’s worth to them.

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