Airbnb Host Won’t Acknowledge Paint Fumes

We had the most horrible night at this Airbnb due to the host recently painting all of the woodwork in this Victorian bedroom with gloss paint. My eyes were stinging, my nose and throat were burning. My husband was exhausted as our check in wasn’t until 4:00 PM so we had from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM walking around sightseeing to kill time in Kirkwall.

He didn’t want to leave to find alternative accommodations. I saw a hotel down the street, which he agreed that if they had availability we would move, but they didn’t. We could only get one window to open; the rest of the windows were painted shut. When we saw the host we told him the paint bothered us. He just said it was recently decorated and that it should air out by keeping the window open; it didn’t because all of the painted woodwork was around the windows.

We found a fan and had that in front of the windows and my husband found a face mask in his first aid kit for me to wear. The next morning we asked the table of two other couples if they were bothered by paint fumes, one couple also noticed the fresh paint smell, the other couple didn’t (their room wasn’t painted). When the host came into the room and asked how we slept I told him that the paint fumes bothered me and he acted like I was crazy and stated that no one else complained (the other couple didn’t speak up). Frankly, it was embarrassing.

On the way out I asked for a receipt and they couldn’t be bothered to get me one. Instead, they rehashed why I should be so bothered by paint fumes. When we got home, I made a list of complaints which I posted on Airbnb and Tripadvisor. When he read them he went off his rocker and started accusing us of being nightmare guests and advising people to avoid us like the plague.

He even went so far as to read through four years of my Tripadvisor reviews and to look me up on the internet trying to look for any dirt on me he could find. The worse he could find was that I complained about odours a few times and had three complaints of food related illnesses out of 250 reviews. I’m just hoping his nasty response shows him in a bad light. They are nothing but a pair of liars and scam artists.

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  1. Yeah…I have to go with the crowd on this one.

    You seem high maintenance and entitled. I just read his review of your behavior and it makes much more sense.

    Motel 6 may be more your speed.

    • Troll. Do you understand that the host makes up stories because I complained? We were perfect guests. We didn’t argue about parking, we were polite and communicative. Maybe you like staying at a Motel 6…whatever that is. We can afford to stay at luxury hotels and B&Bs. Not all B&Bs are as described on Airbnb. Nothing to do with cutting costs.

  2. 1. Why didn’t you pay for the night before if you wanted a 10.00 a.m. check in? It’s not the hosts fault you chose to spend hours wandering around.

    2. Why did you want a receipt you could have just printed out your booking confirmation.

    3. If you didn’t want to stay in a newly painted room why didn’t you contact the host and airbnb and say you couldn’t stay in the room

    • For one, they didn’t have any availability the night before. I am explaining why we didn’t just forfeit a nights stay and try to find somewhere else to sleep on a bank holiday weekend – nothing to do with wanting a 10 am check in. Two, we were traveling and didn’t have access to a printer. This is a minor point though but I’m used to getting a receipt for what I’ve paid when checking out. Three, I did contact the host as I’ve written. I also knew they were fully booked and didn’t have any other rooms. He should have told us it had been recently painted when we booked but neglected to tell us that fine point. I’m relatively new to Airbnb and didn’t know I could have contacted them about it. In the end Airbnb did refund the money I paid. Airbnb’s number is also hard to find and it took at least a day before someone contacted me back.

    • Sorry but I’m not going to hold hand if you can’t figure out what I’m talking about. Don’t you have anything else better to do than comment on reviews you apparently don’t understand? That’s what I thought.

  3. To recap: you want to pay considerably less than a hotel but have sky-high hotel expectations? Apparently you travel to write reviews, why don’t you stay home and drink tea?

    • You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. You think just because I booked through Airbnb I automatically pay less than I pay at a hotel? I paid the same as I would have at a good hotel. It was over £100 for the night. Why don’t you get a life and quit being such a troll?

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