Airbnb Host Ghosted us During Winter Storm


Don’t expect any communication with this very sensitive host. If you try to give him any feedback about cleaning issues with his house, he throws a temper tantrum and acts like a little two-year-old. He gave us the silent treatment.

From Feb. 12-17, we decided to celebrate our 18-year anniversary in Nashville. We had never been there before so we decided to check it out. It’s only a six-hour drive from where we live. Usually we go overseas but with COVID we thought it would be safe to stay within the states.

We arrived at our Airbnb and noticed the fire pit on the roof wasn’t working so we mentioned it to our host. Very kindly and respectfully, we mentioned that we noticed a few dirty areas and that he should be aware that his cleaning crew was not doing a good job. We figured since we paid a $299 cleaning fee that the house should have been cleaned more thoroughly.

Instead of responding back to us to apologize and acknowledge the issue, he decided to ghost us. He didn’t respond to us for two days. Even when we messaged him a few more times, he did not speak to us. We have never met a host that acted like a two-year-old. My wife and I don’t have children so this was going to be difficult for us to handle. We do have a cat but our cat is more well behaved than this little child.

Two days passed and there was still no word. We started to get worried. Maybe he was on a timeout for misbehaving. Or maybe he was stuck in his crib and couldn’t reach his phone. Either way we decided to contact Airbnb and put out an APB.

Two hours after we contacted Airbnb, he finally messaged us. The reason why we were trying to reach him was because there had been an ice storm and we needed the driveway to be salted so we could safely come and go. This was exactly at 12:50 PM.

Hours had passed and there was still no word from him. We decided to try to leave the property to get food that night but there was no way we could leave. We slipped everywhere. We decided to park back in the driveway and stay home.

When he messaged back, this is what he said:

“I’m not able to get out and salt the driveways of all my rentals. This is highly unusual for Tennessee.”

This message was at 9:06 PM. It took him eight hours to message us back that day. When I mentioned to him that I had reached out to Airbnb to see why he hadn’t messaged us back he said:

“I didn’t know you messaged Airbnb haha. You’re a great guest.”

This child has a real attitude problem. Sounds like he needs a spanking. So I’ll be honest I got smart back. I said:

“And now your wifi isn’t working haha. Great house.”

Then he said:

“Feel free to leave.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. He wanted us to leave? How dare he tell us to leave.

After hearing that, we didn’t feel safe or welcome in his home anymore, so we decided to leave that morning. Fortunately it snowed that night so we were able to have a little traction to get out. We had to drive in reverse to get out but we did it.

You’re probably wondering, what did Airbnb do? Absolutely nothing. Airbnb was useless. Apparently Airbnb has changed their terms and conditions. This did not work well for us. Airbnb informed us that if we didn’t contact them within 24 hours of arriving at the property then they can’t do anything. Even though we had proof that our host did not respond for a whole two days and that we had cleaning issues from the time we arrived, it didn’t matter to Airbnb.

As a warning to anyone using Airbnb, you must correspond with the host as well as with Airbnb for every issue. Don’t allow anytime to go by without informing Airbnb and taking pics of everything. In the end, Airbnb only offered a 25% coupon for the first night which was $70. We at least expected a refund on the two nights we weren’t there. But that didn’t happen.

In conclusion we were not pleased to pay $2,265.88 for five nights which included a $299 and $244.80 fee for just two people. This is an anniversary we will never forget.

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  1. I stayed in paris, for 3 months. Airbnb said the keys would arrive at 11am. It was january and 3 below zero. The keys didnt arrive till 6pm. The cafe next door let me stay inside. The apt. Was not cleaned, there was no heat and the washer didnt work. I called the apt owner and they were sorry. They said the cleaning person would be there right away. She didnt come for 3 days. The apt owner rented out the whole building, noisy, dirty halls, people smoking in non smokeing buiding. I was not happy at all. I got a portable heater .nothing got fixed. I am sorry to hear all these complaints about this comp. I will look at other sights to rent apts. I dont think i can trust airbnb to have my interest at heart.

  2. I’m staying in a airbnb now. And nothing like they say. There’s not enough room in the refrigerator for your things because your share with 4 other people. The fridge is nasty not clean at all. The microwave is so dirty with food all over it. The kitchen hasn’t been clean or disinfectant in who knows how long. And the shower is so dirty I wear my flip-flops in the shower. The only thing nice is my room I stay in. They only Provide towels in wash Cloths. They don’t provide hand soap. I’m here for two months. They Provide oil and dish soap. The dishes here are old and nasty.. very dirty kitchen I will not be cooking in the whole time I’m here.. No t.v. in your room have to bring your own. Pervide your own curtains they have old blinds and I’m a day sleeper. I asked about curtains I was told to bring my own. This is far the dirtiest airbnb I have yet stayed in!! And know help at all from the host. One of the guests has lived her since August of last year and thinks he owns the place uses up the whole refrigerator. There’s no maked shelf for your room.. and the rooms have no numbers on the doors.. AIRBNB SHOULD DO INSPECTION ON THESE HOUSES. IT’S AIRBNB NAME OUT THERE THEY SHOULD WANT A GOOD REPUTATION. I could go on and on about this place.. I’m not happy here. And being away from home working you should be happy where your staying.

  3. Airbnb is a scam. They violate their own policies because their goal is to steal money from customers and split it with the host. Airbnb has cleanliness policies only for show. If you give them evidence of a dirty accommodation they will tell you it’s not dirty enough despite their COVID-19 Enhanced Cleaning policy. It’s a scam. NEVER use Airbnb.

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