Airbnb Host Does Nothing About the Lack of AC

I was flying into SoCal for business. It was hot that summer. The host confirmed I was coming in after midnight. It was a second floor walk-up. She had the windows all closed up, and it was hotter than hell in there. I opened the window and plugged in the wimpy fan across the room because the cord was too short to place it near the window.

After an hour of trying to air it out, it was still 90 degrees in there. There was no way I was going to get any sleep in that stuffy room. I left her a note that I couldn’t stay for the above reasons. I posted a two-star review that the host could’ve opened the window to air it out a bit, and/or turned on the fan before my arrival, knowing it was so hot in there. The carpet was also quite dirty and dusty. It’s just not a great place to sleep. The host had some nerve to send me this nasty message in response to my objective review.

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  1. Still a host should think of the comfort of their paying guests. Would she want to be in a hot, stuffy and dirty place with a wimpy fan and a short cord? Some people should just not be in the hospitality business.

  2. another eedyot. why do you think airbnb is responsible for the host’s AC. airbnb is a platform and it does not own the listing.

  3. Where’s the nasty bit? You decided to book a room without A/C in the middle of summer. Ah right, twas price……. Hope you slept well in Cheapskate Motel:)

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