Where’s the refund? No help from Airbnb!

I have been trying to get a refund for a canceled stay overseas. The host agreed to refund but my bank account was closed when I moved cross country and airbnb said it had to go to closed account. An airbnb employee gave me incorrect info and the host reduced the amount of refund because she thought I accused her of lying about the location of the funds. Airbnb has has been EXTREMELY difficult to contact and now lists a password to a pdf file for my refund info but there is NO PLACE to plug this password into, no location for the file, no way to respond to this latest email that doesn’t just go to an automated choice of subjects- like being stuck on an automated phone answering system that doesn’t include the title of person or number you seek. NEVER AGAIN.

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  1. Terrible! I submitted request for booking, they charged my card for entire stay over 90 days before the reservation. Owner contacted me via text for discussion about appropriateness of the rental. I quickly determined it was not going to work then during discussion I get an email saying rental confirmed. I send another text saying NO, I just cancelled. Then I immediately get a receipt that my card was charged. They claim they can only refund 50% on a reservation that should never have been made! Their final decision was to charge me $50 for the inconvenience of a reservation cancelled within 5 minutes that never should have been made in the first place. Forget poor business practices, this company lacks common decency

  2. Called property manager day before, left message, no returns.
    Called day of arrival, made about 7 phone calls trying to get into condo
    Finally got hold of someone who said, “we have not handled that property in a long time.” Got a phone number to call and it was disconnected.
    Tried to get with airbnb: Now I have to “Verify” my identity. Three attempts to give them a drivers license and no joy.
    Called credit card company to dispute, then wen to a nearby hotel and got a good room, cheaper.
    Later that day got an email with access information. Too late.
    Now the battle begins.

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