Airbnb Doesn’t Live up to Expectations

I recently booked an Airbnb in Toronto to visit my granddaughter. The apartment is in what looks like a city housing building in a very rough area of Toronto; the building and grounds are in a state of disrepair, and the elevators were scary to ride. I would never bring my granddaughter there for a sleepover. The apartment was a mess; food was left over from other renters, and all the dishes were sitting in a dirty dish rack on the counter. The beds were just a bunch of mattresses thrown on the floor with no couch and no living room. The furniture was all beat up with blankets thrown over them, and broken old pictures taped for repair. The stove was not fit to cook on.

I have been trying to reach the host, and much like Airbnb he took my 500+ dollars and became unreachable. The Airbnb folks are turning their backs on me. When I asked them how this location was approved, they stated they cannot check each location, and became very rude and short on the phone. If you are booked into an unacceptable location, Airbnb could care less. I have resigned to the fact that I have been ripped off by both Airbnb and the host and am hoping this post will avoid anyone else booking this Airbnb hellhole. I stayed there one night, paid for five, slept in an office chair and picked up take out. So much for Airbnb.

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  1. Airbnb doesn’t have enough customer service workers, some of them doesn’t care at all about the guests and usually apartments condition is similar to hostel without any rules and workers. Almost similar happened to me but service workers only closed my requests and didn’t get response. It feels like they think it’s the same what paying guests get as long as they and Hosts get the money, it’s most important for them.

    • Sounds like you have a very poor ability to discern a good place to stay! No reference to the place you booked leads me to suspect you booked the cheapest option regardless of what it was like. You make no mention that the advertisement for the property was misleading, you booked the place….take some responsibility!!!!

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