1. What the fuck, Jack. Of course you question when you get rejected from entering a country. THEY TELL YOU. Seriously, what planet are you on? You’re also comparing AirBnB, a shitty startup, to the fucking US government, which has the biggest security apparatus in the world. AND, they now have to tell you why/how you got on a no-fly list, so whatever point you thought you had is moot.

  2. Fake ID or conviction of felony? Do you question US border control when you’re denied entrance? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…….

    • Do you work for Air BnB Jack? This has also just happened to me and this is actually a breach of Duty of Care to Air BnB customers because as the person who posted this has said, they now have no idea if their sensitive data has been stolen or if their account was hacked. Clearly when an innocent person such as myself get suspended for no reason with no explanation there is a risk of this. I’ve also now lost all of my trip history and messages and comments which are actually very sentimental to me. I recently had a good friend who was a host pass away and all of our communications are gone. Why the fuck are you on this website? Got nothing better to do then troll people from you fucking armchair? Jerk. How dare you automatically assume someone is a felon or is using a fake ID.

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