Airbnb Customer Service Doesn’t Care

I am sending this to share the unhelpful service that I received from Airbnb customer service in resolving my issue of getting credited to use the funds for another booking. I had to speak to multiple people over the course of the day attempting to solve my issue. Even though each person that I spoke to took notes on my case, I had to explain my case each time I called or got transferred.

After explaining my case to each new person, they asked me to give them an hour or another amount of time and my issue would be resolved. I would wait the requested time amount and not have my issue resolved. Therefore, I would have to call back and begin the process of explaining myself to someone new and start the process of being asked to wait again.

The issue was not waiting within itself, but after waiting each time being told that the person I would need to speak to is no longer available became very frustrating. Today alone, I have spent almost three hours attempting to get my issue resolved- which has yet to happen. Customer service tells me “I understand.” However, the response is always “I will put in the notes and someone will message you soon.”

Unfortunately, “soon” appears to never come because I know if I did not call back and ask to speak to someone I would have waited for days and not had a place to stay in the coming days. In all situations, I attempt to be understanding of both ends; however, the chain of command that Airbnb has established is not beneficial to their customers. My issue has yet to be resolved and my trip is three days away.

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  1. Airbnb is very disorganized, unprofessional, they do not follow their own guidelines particularly for hosts. Guests can damage your property, steel items, arrive with tons of extra guests and numerous other reservation issues and Airbnb literally does nothing. Their insurance is worthless and pretty much impossible to get any coverage for anything because they require documentation that is pretty much impossible to get unless you’re literally staying in the unit with your guests. I definitely would suggest hosts to list their properties with vrbo, tripadvisor, Expedia and other reputable companies as I have. You will find it to be more beneficial and a higher quality on the whole of travelers.

  2. Wow Josh, you must be one of the customer service people she had to deal with. She waited the allotted time she was supposed to before trying to resolve the problem. Stop being a snowflake and move on.

    • Are you an AirBnB employee? You seem to troll a lot of these posts sticking up for AirBnB. It’s AirBnBHell, not AirBnBParadise

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