Airbnb Customer Service Dismisses Concerns and Hangs Up

I recently cancelled on a guest whose reviews were atrocious, and after being told I’d be penalized $100 dollars anyway, despite making clear that the guest made me uncomfortable, I called Airbnb’s (hard to find) customer service number. I was connected with a woman who told me she would make a one-time allowance (that’s not how Airbnb cancellations work), and then proceeded to argue that the guest’s reviews aren’t that bad. I went through each review, explaining that they were among the worst reviews of a guest I’d ever seen, at which point the agent cut me off to proselytize on the injustice of Airbnb guest reviews.

Reviews are “an attack” on a person’s character, she argued, and as such are unfair. She then argued that reviews are not legitimate information for a host to take into account when assessing a coming guest. When I asked her to stop interrupting me so that I could finish my thought – for interruption was the way through which she made those remarks – and then heard the sound of her phone hanging up. On the bright side, I called back to file a complaint and was connected to a very nice, very knowledgeable guy who helped me with my original issue, and is now helping me to figure out the name of first agent.

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  1. You’ll never gonna be able to figure that one out. Agents give out screen names for one and even with the recorded call and all the system in place the worst the gent can get is a not on record reprimand and training…

    Even when the agent who kindly help you says otherwise.

    Trust me on this.

  2. I was hung up on when I asked how I finish my obligations to the guest that have already booked, but I no longer wish to use them. Now I’m on this site because I was looking for a contact for them.

  3. If your penalty is $100 it indicates that it’s your 3rd cancellation. Change your settings so that you are able to read the reviews before accepting an enquiry. It’s as easy as that.

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