Airbnb Charged Full Amount… And Then Kept Charging


When booking an apartment through Airbnb, I chose “payment in installments” but was charged the full amount of about 1500 EUR by Airbnb from my PayPal account, immediately. I only realized this three weeks later when I was charged by Airbnb, again, from my paypal account. That time it was the first installment of 770 EUR which is to be followed by the second one in a few weeks.

I contacted Airbnb several times via telephone and messaging explaining that they had charged the full amount by mistake and asking for them to transfer the amount back to my PayPal account. So far, one week has passed and I have not been helped at all. On the contrary, one Airbnb person wrote to me that the amount of 1500 EUR was shown but not charged, which is a lie. All transfers are documented by PayPal.

Yesterday, I insisted in speaking to a person with more authorization. Finally, I was called by somebody who literally hung up on me in the middle of our conversation. This morning, I received a message telling me that if I have an issue with a suspicious credit card transaction I should first check on family members who might have used my card information. This was totally off topic as the charges for my booking were made from my PayPal account. I have the feeling that there are very limited means to get any further than the “customer support shell” which is doing anything but solving problems for Airbnb customers.

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  1. I booked early according to their cancellation policy u get a full refund within 48 hrs of booking and at least 14 days before the check in time and u get half refund if u cancel at least 7 days before the Check in time . My understanding is that i can get a full refund between 48 if booking and 14 days before the check in time . Today it’s still 15 days before the check in time so I still should get a full refund .
    I emailed the Airbnb costumer service and said it is clearly within 48 hrs of booking and it’s over 48 so I’m not getting a full refund . Seriously ? What happen to their at least 14 days before the check in time . Was that disregard . I called the hotline and it’s from out of the country with a strange accent saying that she cannot help me bec someone is already helping me via email . But the guy from email is very rude and saying that “ at least 14 days “ and we are more than that . ( yes we are 15 days so I should be good) this people ( costumer serive ) they don’t understand plain English . They don’t know what they’re talking about . They’re so stupid .

    • “they don’t speak plain English”? Reading your disastrous level of English did you mean plain pigeon English? “costumer service” hahaha wanna get stitched up:)

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