1. I have just had my airbnb account shut down with 14 future reservations a loss of $18,000 no explanation or email, I tried contacting airbnb but couldn’t even call a number to get through to anyone. If you’re a host be very careful. Bad company awful customer service.

  2. I have just suffered the exact same thing in the UK. I simply cannot fathom the decision making at board level that has led to this level of poor customer ‘service’ . . .I haven’t experienced communication this thoroughly bad

  3. I know it is their company and their rules, but is there a higher power that can get involved? Those this meet the criteria for a class action lawsuit?

  4. Just got my account cancelled today for similar things. 100% positive review from previous booking and canceled, reinstated, and cancelled without any reason. I got a call a couple days ago when my account was first re-instated, the person couldn’t really tell me why but did tell me.

  5. Me toooooo. Like way to take away my viable forms of living when I’m not working at my remote fishing resort…. no explanation at all, just copy and pasted the same email every time. Such a joke.

  6. The same exact thing happened to me!! I used Airbnb for a long time and one day I went to sign in to browse rentals and it said the same message. I hadn’t even booked a property in over year and it disabled my account forever. And they won’t tell me why! It made no sense at all and no one could help me. When I did talk to someone they said they reserve the right to disable my account at anytime and do not have to give me a reason why. It has been two years and I still am so confused.

  7. We booked a trip in January 2020 for a wedding in June 2020. Because of Covid, the wedding was postponed a year and we negotiated with the host to merely change the date of our reservation. Fast forward to January 2021, my account was fraudulently charged almost $1,800 for a trip to Peru we did not book. After my credit card company detected fraud and refunded the amount (with no help from AirBnB), my AirBnB account was locked/suspended shortly after. With a suspended account, all upcoming trips are automatically cancelled. The trip we paid for in January 2020 for almost $900 was now refunded to us (no reason provided), and the host re-posted the listing for almost $1,500 to reflect today’s prices.

    After 10+ phone conversations with different AirBnB representatives, the customer service is horrendous and I would not recommend anyone to ever use this service again. They will not re-book our trip for the original price we paid, they will not eat the difference and pay the higher price due to their error, and they will provide absolute NO REASONS why my account was fraudulently charged, why it was suspended, and why our future trip was cancelled. Nobody has an answer to anything and I keep getting promised call-backs, yet nobody has called me and I have engaged every conversation. On top of a fraudulent charge, our trip pre-planned over a year ago is now cancelled with no resolution. A Double Whammy!

  8. Today is Sept 19, 2020. My daughter booked a condo. The owner agreed to let us have a family dinner of 10 guest. Suddenly, my daughter was banned. She never used RBNB before. So disappointed!

  9. I had the same thing JUST happen this morning! Totally ruined my wife and my plans this month! No explanation at all! And your correct no way to contact them immediately. I have been scrambling to find another accommodation and debating whether or not to try and create a new account with this company?

  10. My account was cancelled November 2018, and I had a reservations for january the 5th 2019. and… funny how they didn’t even change the message they sent you, I0m sorry you0ve been through this, I had a reservation for a flat in london, and my account got suspended, when I try to contact they told me to send them a scan of my passport, so I did, they told me they sent me an email, they NEVER did, I was only left able to contact them through facebook,( because there are basically NO phone numbers for my country) and a very rude person said to me that I was ban for ever having an account again, and they never explain why did they close my account. I read on this website a lot of people complaining about airbnb closing their accounts for no reason at all, and worst no explanation at all. So, I would say that is quite common that airbnb does this sort of things, it might be related with the fact that they have the WORST custom service at all…IF THEY HAVE ONE AT ALL….

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