Coronavirus Causes Hours of Customer Service Wait Time

My host will not cancel and told me to go through Airbnb. Their chat is a bot and not a human, so that got me nowhere. I am on hold, but they said “we are experiencing higher than usual call volumes, expect to wait hours” and then started on hold.

Hours? I have never heard that before. I can’t believe they don’t have a away to easily cancel online with this coronavirus stuff. We have a family member with a respiratory illness whose doctor has said not to travel. We need to cancel and can according to their policy, but I need to be able to do it.

I will never book through Airbnb again. I have never had such a problem and it is so stressful.

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  1. Having the same problem with Expedia. Hours waiting. None of the platforms were prepared for such an event. Its stressful. I am about to lose a $1100 ticket.

  2. Any good host would be reluctant to cancel a reservation because of the extreme penalties invoked by Airbnb when a host cancels booking. As the guest, you are required to cancel your booking or seek the help of Airbnb. It’s not the host’s fault. It’s unfair that even when asked by the guest, we get heavily penalized if we cancel a booking.

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