Airbnb Blocks Legitimate Negative Reviews

I’ve used Airbnb at least 15 times but never again. A host screwed me over (warning: do not stay here). I had never been to New Orleans and was so excited. Six of my girlfriends and I planned a fun weekend getaway. I booked us a house that was listed as “3 miles from French Quarter” on Airbnb and paid over $1000 upfront (included $130 cleaning fee, $113 service fee, and $45 in taxes). I was boarding the plane to NOLA when I got a phone call from two of the girls saying they aren’t staying at the house.

Their Uber driver said it’s a very dangerous part of town and is considered the projects. I Googled it later and found out it was the second largest housing project in the city. There were boarded up houses on the street (something I could not have known). When they arrived at the house, two men drinking from paper bags across the street started catcalling them and made them feel very uncomfortable.

There was only one other review posted before me and the guy said that the neighborhood was “worn down”. I didn’t want to base my stay on one review, but looking back I should have. I immediately contacted the owner and said we did not feel comfortable staying there and we would be staying somewhere else. I ended up paying a fortune for a hotel last minute.

Usually a hotel would make you pay for that first night and give you the rest of the money back. Nope… not this host. She wouldn’t even give me back the $130 cleaning fee. She blamed the boarded up houses on hurricane Katrina which happened 13 years ago. She also had Airbnb block me from leaving a review because I was never inside the house. My friends did not enter the house, just parked the car in the driveway and then left after being harassed. After two months of arguing with Airbnb’s customer support, they blocked me from messaging them and closed the case. I lost over a grand and was blocked from leaving an honest review. Save your time: don’t stay here or use Airbnb.

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  1. My host in Rome – White Shadows Colosseo – same issue. Hid the bad reviews. Apartment was unfit to occupy. Only gave a small refund. Kept the cleaning fee for a filthy apartment. AirBnB was NO help.

  2. Bigoted ? Get a grip! The place clearly wasn’t as described and she’s called a bigot? Uttered ridiculous!

  3. They also blocked my negative reveiew after I was screwed over by a host. Their review system is meaningless.

  4. Reading between the lines it sounds more like six bigoted princesses with egos large as their wallets expecting royal treatment…… Time for a little reality check?

    • I wish we were princesses, Tracy!! Nurses and teachers don’t make much money so, no large wallets over here. All we wanted was a safe place to stay.

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