Innkeeper Finds Faults with the Review Process

We own a beautiful inn in Britsih Columbia, Canada that is rated five stars across all the board and is also a winner of awards. We placed our inn on Airbnb to attract millennials to our island and show them nature and the wonders of a protected environment. We have been on Airbnb for three years.

We had an emergency and had to cancel one reservation which the guest took very well and very kindly. This was our first cancellation on Airbnb. The next thing we know, we saw that the guest’s review had been posted on the page like a ‘wall of shame’. Shame on Airbnb. This is disgusting.

We will be removing our inn from Airbnb as we are appalled. We also use Expedia and – professional, supportive organizations. I do understand this process for hosts that constantly cancel but not Superhosts with one cancellation in three years and excellent reviews. Airbnb should remember that they don’t catch flies with vinegar. They have too much money and swollen heads.

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  1. That’s messed up, AirBNB should hide the fact from guests that there is a chance this guy will cancel their reservation and leave them stranded. The guest want Hotel quality (guaranteed availability for a room you paid for?! pft) with Hostel pricing. Sure I list it at 40 a night but I want 100, it’s not my fault the market wont accept it, I WANT 100. Can’t AIRBNB just charge a little extra without the guest knowing? I’m am done dealing with this highly successful company. I became a host because I wanted to charge Hotel prices and deliver Homeless shelter quality.

  2. Why didn’t you inform Airbnb about the nature of emergency? Of course, things happen and, indeed, this shouldn’t penalise you.

  3. When a host cancels a reservation, this is indicated by a notice among the reviews. The guest is unable to leave a review in these cases.

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