Airbnb Allows Fraudulent Host to Rent out Property

I had the pleasure of dealing with Airbnb; what a horrible business. I will never use them or suggest anything but staying away from them. I had hired a property manager who did not manage the property and basically disappeared: no communication, the cleaners did not know when to clean, and I was scheduling myself out of desperation during Christmas.

I could see three reservations that were on the calendar for after Christmas and New Year’s. Finally I got a text from the manager to enter information for a co-host on Airbnb so I could see the reservation information. That was the last communication I got. The guest came and went, damage was done, submitted pictures to her… crickets.

I called Airbnb as no money had been deposited into my account. They said I wasn’t the host so I couldn’t input the bank information. I sent the bank information to the manager… crickets. I called Airbnb; they assured me I would be paid, so I let the next guest stay… no money.

Finally after five more phone calls, I cancelled the last reservations. Airbnb didn’t care that the guests’ vacations would be ruined, not their concern. That’s why you shouldn’t do business with these people. They refused to provide me any way to get my money except to confront the person… unbelievable. If I could sue them I would. They are worse then any criminals I have ever dealt with.

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  1. Not sure how any of this is AirBNB’s fault. You should take it up with your manager. If he has stopped communicating with you that is a giant red flag there.



  2. I am an on-site Airbnb host in the US and I manage my own listing “hands-on.”

    Airbnb is far from perfect, but it is a booking platform, period, and whoever posts their property there is the one who has the direct relationship with them and has to work with their rules.

    In the US, property managers have to be licensed and work under a contract with property owners.

    From what you shared, you hired a property manager to be your “middle man,” so there should be a contract which elucidates your business arrangement; everyone’s responsibilities including security deposits for damages, the division of earnings and mechanisms for that. Many online booking platforms pay monthly. A property manager may do the same. It all depends on the contract.

    If the property manager contracted with airbnb on your behalf, that person would be the primary airbnb contact. A “co-host” can be allowed various levels of access, and it can be arranged for your “cut” to be automatically forwarded to your account, and likewise with your property manager.

    Damages get more complicated. It would be wise for you to go to the Airbnb website and read the policy and “terms and conditions” if you don’t trust your hired help and have questions about how things work there or hire legal counsel to do the same.

    If you are the legal property owner, you do have rights, but it is not airbnb’s responsibility to monitor your relationship with your property manager. It is yours….unless your property has been posted there without your consent.

    If you feel you are being cheated/your contract is not being honored by the property manager, you’d best seek legal advice to address your interests.

  3. This is
    Your choice of management, not AirBnB. Sorry you went with such a terrible representative Agency.

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