1. I too was hosting a vacation rental on Airbnb. A great guest caused some unintentional damage and without question agreed to pay for the restoration all which was covered by the deposit. Airbnb was to hold the deposit until repairs were made. The next day they froze my account and would not restore it until I had scanned my passport and sent it for storage on their servers. bear in mind I was verified with my email, phone and bank account and already a dozen guests who had stayed, i/e. I was a real person. They assured me that the info would be secure. I’m sure that’s what Target and Ebay told their millions of customers before they were hacked. Only a fool would let a corporation store their government documentation. They refused all further contact and reimbursement. Their policies are arbitrary and capricious, they refuse to divulge any reasons for their behavior and will refer you to a TOS that is so cumbersome and legaistic it essentially will always put you at a disadvantage no matter how right you are. I went to VRBO and I couldnt be happier. I have no problem showing my ID to a guest and require to see theirs once they arrive. This isn’t about trust about me ,frankly this trust about them. They are liars and won’t help you when your identity is stolen.

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