worst accommodation in 4 week holiday

We feel fortunate in that we did not lose any money. However, the apartment we booked in Kensington UK was disappointing. It was dirty and the appliances were all in poor condition (especially the washer and dryer). The bathrooms needed some maintenance and a good scrub. The towels were very poor. Unbeknown to us the apartment backed on to busy Brompton Road. Our bed proved to be metres away from the traffic, making sleep very difficult. Eventually we had to abandon the bedroom and sleep on a lounge in the living room. We couldn’t get the TVs to work. I feel the host, Patrick Lopez misrepresented himself as a “Londoner”. I have a strong suspicion that he lives in Thailand and he is unaware of the true condition of his property. I sent three messages to Airbnb but none were responded to. We contemplated just walking out and going to a hotel, but we chose to stay because we couldn’t communicate with Airbnb and didn’t want to lose $750 per night. It is a shame when you have to count down the nights before you can leave. All other accommodation (independently booked B and Bs, hotels and an apartment) was outstanding.

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