1. You’re leaving something out. Air is all about the money, so it doesn’t make sense that they would just cancel your account. You probably tried to pull the crap one of my guests did which was to dispute the charges. She did this during a long term stay for the first payment because she didn’t agree with the 13% service fee plus the occupancy tax. Airbnb fought the dispute, won, and told me they could “no longer support the reservation”. She told me it was because she tried disputing a valid charge so the “trust” team told her she could no longer book reservations. Either way, she had to leave as I wouldn’t take her payment (for her to just do the same to me) and she couldn’t book another room.

  2. Crazy story indeed. The little detail about sis bleeding out ‘everywhere in the hotel lobby’ is the icing on the top. Seriously, these guys couldn’t spring for a box of Kleenex?

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