What’s the Worst That Can Happen After a Stay?

Our group of 18 rented out a cottage this weekend. Our stay was great. Our host was great. We had no complaints about the property. After checking out, I wrote a great review and our host left us a great review as well. We left the place immaculately clean (especially since there were 18 of us). Later that evening, I got a message from our host (through text) that their neighbour was very unhappy and that there had been a lot of noise, excessive partying and loud music playing. During our stay, we did not have a complaint by the neighbours even once and we were very respectful about turning down the noise after 10:00 PM. I only remember us getting loud while playing card games since we get competitive, but that was way before 10:00 in the evening. Anyway, I told our host that wasn’t the case with regards to the neighbours’ complaint and that we were very respectful and apologized for troubling their neighbour. They seemed very understanding and thanked me for clarifying what really happened. I was wondering if there will be any repercussions on our end since we’ve already submitted reviews? What’s the worst that can happen if they don’t believe us?

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  1. Nothing will happen,

    Both parties have already submitted good reviews.

    If the neghbours have complain it’s maybe because of you guys being competitive when playing cards (even before 10 pm some people can be annoyed) but it’s not something you should be worry about, you also have the right to live your life.

    Hosting on Airbnb can be very painful for neghbours and since they live there their feelings matters more but if there’s an issue the host is the one facing the consequences .

    If there was any real problem during the stay he should have got in touch with you or Airbnb customer service but after nothing can happen.

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