I think this entire site is BS. I was hosting a few german people in my home during the the world cup. They got a little out of hand broke my 70 tv vomited on my freshly shampooed carpet. Airbnb with in a week deposited money into my account, I showed them the receipt for the shampooing i did the day before they arrived and showed sent them pictures of my TV and bam that was it. No making my life a living hell no submitting receipts for something ive owned for 8 years etc. So I cal BS on this entire site run by an Airbnb competitor.


***Editor’s Note: AirbnbHell.com is not associated with any competitors of Airbnb beyond the fact that they can advertise on the site just like any other site.   We’re glad this particular poster had a good experience with Airbnb.com, and wish every experience were that way.

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  1. This argument is known as “appeal to incredulity” – you’re saying that because you don’t believe it, it’s not true. You attempt to bolster your argument with a combo fallacy – appeal to personal experience and begging the question. “Since I’ve had nothing but positive experiences, everyone who has had negative experiences don’t know how to use the site.” Your personal experience does not define reality and the assumption that those who have negative experiences don’t know what they’re doing is completely baseless.

    I’m glad things have worked out for you, but allegations that others are lying or are stooges for another company hopefully temper the opinions of those that read your comment. Logic is hard, I know, but without it we end up telling people that they’re full of it because we can’t be bothered to deconstruct our own preconceived notions.

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