Villa Offered as Quarantine for COVID-19 Virus

The neighborhood monitors the Airbnb which is ruining our neighborhood. The host of this Airbnb has offered it as a quarantine location.

First, there are not 14 available sequential days, the designated virus quarantine period. Second, and most importantly, what will they use to completely sanitize an 8000 square foot house with a 1000 square foot pool house when the quarantined quest leaves?

We’ve all watched the cleaners in between guests. They do the laundry and are in and out in about 2-3 hours. I don’t know what the CDC procedures are for cleaning a public house or room following someone who has had the COVID-19 virus, but for a public place like an Airbnb, I seriously doubt it can be done by just a simple cleaning crew.

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  1. Is it a party pad that is run by a wanna be drug cartel leader (whos a snitch but breaking every code in the informant agreement)?
    If so we might just live on the same block

  2. Having the same exact problem here. These are not essential workers staying there and if they are as family it’s satans family

  3. Who is going to ensure that those in isolation remain there, and do not become additional COVID19 vectors in the neighborhood?

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