My wife tried very hard to contact Airbnb via their website…. there is nothing there to complain against them. We had a coupon code issue that needed help, so they put us onto a chat room where their customer service guy called Dennis typed in responses. Dennis was very rude to my wife. Saying he insulted her intelligence etc. Later when I asked to speak to someone on the phone, Dennis gave me the real phone number and we talked to a real person. The other guy managed to resolve our issue no problem. It turned out that it is airbnb’s software problem. You cannot input a coupon code on instant booking.

Regardless of the issue, there is no excuse for a customer service representative to be so rude!  I’ll be taking my business elsewhere!

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  1. Don’t ever use Airbnb. I went to get groceries for them for breakfast and my flatscreen, laptops, and some of my shoes are now gone along with the customers. I called Airbnb and they said call the police! I asked them for more info about the customer and they said they can only tell the police. The police said they called Airbnb and left a message and haven’t recieved a call back!!

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