My wife tried very hard to contact Airbnb via their website…. there is nothing there to complain against them. We had a coupon code issue that needed help, so they put us onto a chat room where their customer service guy called Dennis typed in responses. Dennis was very rude to my wife. Saying he insulted her intelligence etc. Later when I asked to speak to someone on the phone, Dennis gave me the real phone number and we talked to a real person. The other guy managed to resolve our issue no problem. It turned out that it is airbnb’s software problem. You cannot input a coupon code on instant booking.

Regardless of the issue, there is no excuse for a customer service representative to be so rude!  I’ll be taking my business elsewhere!

We Got Not What We Booked


The management and arrangement for this Hong Kong Hostel that provided extremely poor service. The hotel named as New Lucky House which located at Nathan Road, HK. We feel extremely disappointed to the irresponsible person in-charge, Zoe for the extremely poor arrangement for our stay in Hong Kong on the last 2 weeks (18-19/9). We booked the room few weeks before we travel to Hong Kong, but by the time we reached the ‘hotel’ and called her for check in, she told us to wait her by the roadside because there was some issues for the room. We reached HK on 18/9 but we only book her room for 18 and 19/9 because we stayed at Disneyland Hotel on the 1st night. We dropped her several emails regarding our arrival in HK and the rough timing that we will be checking in her room the next day. She told us that there was no more room that available for us when we reached because she had rented it to some new arrival guests and she needs to bring us to the other guest house which was not the one that we originally booked! This is totally unacceptable. What’s the point for us to book the room in advanced and we’ve fully paid the money? She didn’t even and never informed us regarding the issue from the 1st place, although we contacted with her few times after we reached HK. What we felt was, it was totally not an issue for her because she kept saying that she was helping us to solve this issue. Well, that’s the issue she created for us, not that our problem. The attached link was the one that we booked original and please see attached photos that taken from the guesthouse she arranged for us. We are totally disappointed and mad on this – irresponsible host and extremely poor service from the host. Attached with the room photos from the guest house that she offered us – the room was not done the housekeeping completely!