Unprocessed Refund from Cancelling Airbnb Host


Around February, I booked a house for March 14th. On the day, I was informed by the host that the house was not available due to the radiator breaking down, which would need a few days to fix. So, I asked for a full refund because the house was the only one at which I really wanted to stay and other listed houses that the owner recommended as substitutes were not really fancy or worth the price that I paid for. I was not aware that the host has to process the cancellation if a guest wants to get a refund, which he did not process at all. After several weeks, I messaged him to check if he sent me the money back and he said: “Has it not been processed? Can you send me your bank details?”

After roughly one month from receiving this reply, I asked him again and then he said “Can you double check again?”

This was the last reply that I received. Since then, Intentionally or unintentionally, he is not answering my messages or phone calls. Is there any way that I can get a full refund with the proof that I have?

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  1. Always message a host *INSIDE* the Airbnb platform. If you use iMessage (what I see here) or WhatsApp, Airbnb will do nothing for you. This is unfair, as some hosts intentionally use WhatsApp instead, but it is what it is…

    Stay in hotels. Airbnb is almost never worth the hassle…

  2. Refunds are issued by Airbnb………… You got screwed by a cunning host. Too late to report this to Airbnb as any complaints/issues should be filed within two weeks after check-out.
    Next time READ the terms of agreement before booking:)

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