Three Weeks: No Advice, No Refund, No Help

To start, I want to say how helpful I found this page to be. After trying to get advice and assistance from Airbnb for three weeks, I got nothing. I found the email address for the head of housekeeping at Airbnb on Airbnb Hell and within four hours had a phone call from an Airbnb representative.

I am a host of a cottage and unfortunately we discovered the boiler had packed it in within two days of my first guest’s arrival — the first since March. I contacted Airbnb to let them know there was a problem and despite offering the guests alternative dates for their holiday, an alternative shower or to just remain while the plumber replaced the boiler, they chose to go home. I offered them a full refund for the inconvenience and I thought that would be that .

Over the course of the next three weeks I phoned Airbnb six times and must’ve written to them about ten times, all to no avail. All during lockdown, all reservations were cancelled and given a full refund by Airbnb but despite my requesting them to refund these guests, they did not. One employee wrote back saying it was my fault the boiler broke down because I hadn’t maintained it well.

30 days after the guests left, I found this site and the email address for someone at the head office, wrote to them, and within four hours had a phone call from Airbnb. The guests have now been reimbursed their service charge from Airbnb, and though I am significantly out of pocket, the end result is good. All in all really frustrating though.

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  1. I have also received no response from Airbnb for over two weeks.
    My home was delisted as the result of an error by L.A. City — another Airbnb host “stole” my city permit number and used it for his listing.

    The city investigated, and reinstated by Home Sharing Certificate — with a one year extension. But Airbnb has yet to allow me to relist.

    The City (via a real human being) has confirmed that Airbnb has all of the updated information — they just need to remove the “exception code” that will allow me to relist for short term rentals.

    Airbnb Support confirmed that my case had been “escalated” — but they have no direct contact with the escalation unit, and have no idea if or when my issue will be resolved.

    I have emailed Brian Chesky and Aisling Hassell — with attached documentation — but received no response after several days. I just sent them letters via Certified Mail.

    I’m an Airbnb Plus Superhost with over 100 perfect 5.0 reviews in two years. I really enjoy hosting, but Airbnb may lose me if this matter isn’t resolved soon. Fortunately, I don’t need the income to survive. I do love being a host, but am currently thinking of listing with VRBO as well as marketing to my neighbors and business contacts.

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