Fraudulent Post on Airbnb… No Resolution Obviously

I reserved this apartment in Switzerland from a posting on the Airbnb site, and had contact with the host a few times. All seemed well until I made a payment through an external link (though the Airbnb posting indicated this was the way to go), which turned out to be fraudulent (as well as the posting). The address I was given once I made the payment (which is customary practice) did not exist but it was too late at that point anyway.

Over 1200 euros later, I reached out to Airbnb and — surprise — they couldn’t help me and were quick to deny any responsibility to do anything even if the ad was on their website with all the Airbnb logos. I proceeded to file a police report and contest the transaction, but they all say it’s Airbnb’s responsibility — which it is. We all know that Airbnb has the absolute worst customer service on god’s green earth, so I guess I’ll be boycotting them from now on. It’s just too bad they just dismiss clients like that without any recourse.

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  1. This happen to me too. I have used Air brb for many years. I have there app on both my phones. i booked a placed 2k miles away from where i live to only find out that this place was fake. The owners and neighbors of the beach house had not idea what was going on. Cops where called and i had to sleep in my rental car. Air brb said that they will call me right away after i complained when i got there. They didnt get back to me until the following day. They refund my money and gave me a 30 dollar credit. What am i suppose to do with that when i have to place to go. All the hotels were booked. They gave me 5 options through air brb i ended up paying 700 more. Air brb wouldnt even pay the difference or a night.

  2. Airbnb can’t help you. You paid off platform. Airbnb never received your money. Airbnb repeatedly reminds guests not to pay or book off platform.

    I wonder if you were on the real Airbnb sure because they filter web addresses out of rental description texts.

    This is a classic scam. The usual twist is the scammers offer you a discount to pay them directly.

    I hate it for you. It was an expensive lesson to learn.

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