Three Hours at Airbnb Cost us $14000

It is December 10th and Airbnb has yet to resolve this. It started on April 2nd. My company has used Airbnb to the tune of well over $60000, most of that within the last two years. This was going to be a four-month rental. We were there for three hours, tried to work things out with the host as Airbnb suggested, reported everything the next day, and we were still charged over $14,000. We’ve contacted Airbnb on numerous occasions in regard to this, always told this should have been taken care of some time ago.

The entire place reeked of cat urine. This in and of itself was intolerable. The host left all of his belongings in dressers, etc. The host asked three women (my two employees and client) if he could stay on the property. The host left Playboy magazines and condoms in view

We contacted Airbnb numerous times, and was told each time “Oh, this should have been taken care of some time ago”, promised a call back, then nothing happened. The host agreed to settle for $1000 and a good review, then his daughter looked at the terms and said “we can get more than $10000”. The host has had similar complaints and violated several other Airbnb policies.

Airbnb continued to charge our Amex when they knew we were no longer a guest (the second day), when they could have helped us resettle and let the host relist. Instead, Airbnb has now paid the host and infuriated a very good client. There are several other things I could mention, but you get the gist here.

I just saw Airbnb’s CEO on the news promising to clean things up. Here would be a good start. We’ve been in business 15 years and are an extremely moral and ethical company. We do not deserve to be treated in this manner. I hope to hear something soon from Airbnb’s department that is supposedly working on this again.

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  1. Are you saying this place cost $14000 a month, because if $14,000 was for 4 months, I call BS. Airbnb charges guests in 30-day increments.

  2. The only way host might have secured such an amount of money would be if you cancelled online. If so, you jumped the gun by doing so. Cancellation policies trump complaints on ABB.

  3. I would invite you to stay at my Coach House near Athens Ohio except that Airbnb kicked me off the platform because of complaining guests and a landlord slumlord that I have who refuses to fix things, hence the complaints! Airbnb doesn’t much care for the guests or the host. They just arbitrarily kicked tens of thousands of hosts off the platform recently mostly because of the murders at an Airbnb party in California. Anyone with less than a perfect 5-star review record is being kicked off without reason. Fascinating that they aren’t going to do anything about hosts like that but when you’re talkin about tens of thousands of dollars that is the reason my friend. If you’re a small-time operation like mine they don’t care about a few hundred or a couple thousand.

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