Three Bookings in, Airbnb will not Pay its Hosts

We have had three reservations with Airbnb that we just started a couple months ago and it has been a nightmare. We hosted a family on March 27th. In the past they usually posted the deposits to our accounts on a certain date, but as of today, we still have not received payment.

I have called numerous times with no resolutions being made. The first lady from Airbnb customer service (on April 2nd) said they had a “glitch” in their system and said it would be a few days. On April 13th, a gentleman could not figure it out still and agreed it was “ridiculous”. I just called and they won’t even talk to me because they now know that I record all my calls… kind of hypocritical that they can record but I can’t. They know they are in the wrong and don’t want to admit to it over the phone anymore.

Don’t use Airbnb as a host or guest. They should not collect money and refuse to pay the hosts. These are our five-star customer reviews:

A truly relaxing, inviting, and notable experience.

The only other review before this one is:

Quaint Midwest home with a perfect overlook of Broken Bow. Wonderfully remodeled with never ending stories throughout the entire home. The hostess was incredible and super kind to our children. Large spaces for evening get-togethers and great kitchen area for shared meals. For anyone looking for a memorable experience during their Custer County stay, this is the place for you.

We have multiple listing with VRBO and never had problems. We had three with Airbnb that we just started a couple months ago and it has been a nightmare.

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  1. This is happening to me right now. They just got me U$1.100 with no reason from a reservation from 2012, and no one in this company can solve this problem.

    I hosted the guest, and i’m paying U$1.100 for that? This is non sense, ridiculous.

  2. The same thing is happening to me. Airbnb are deliberately holding our money despite lots of phone cals and false promises. Make no mistake, they are lying.
    Send them a letter to point out that they are in breach of contract.
    Then notify them of impending court action with a date.
    Add all the compensation you need including personal loss of time, money and health.
    If they offer to pay you the full amount after you have gone to the time and trouble of doing all the above then take them to court anyway.
    good luck … but they will loose

  3. Same happened to us – as of today still outstanding over $16,000 in overdue payouts.
    I have called the contact number, sent requests in their online help, have been referred to an ineffective “case manager”, posted our story to FaceBook ( which garnered their attention but they requested personal info which I refused to provide on a public platform as they requested – I am very leery of their information security after reading some of these posts!) and just now I emailed an escalation to the CEO, CFO and Global Head of Client service of AirBnB. They are now in breach of agreement as it has been over a month. I guess next is Twitter, or news media or legal channels if no response.

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