Dirty Airbnb Hell in St. Petersburg, Florida


We stayed at this Florida home for Christmas 2018. We walked in and the house seemed grand.

When unloading our kitchen items, we discovered that the countertops had not been cleaned and there was food and crumbs everywhere. The kitchen floor was disgusting. It had clearly not been washed in months (or more). There was even a condom on the kitchen floor.

After going upstairs, we noticed that there was only a bed in each bedroom: no dresser, night table, nothing. We were forced to put our luggage on the floor. Upon inspection of the bathrooms, there was hair everywhere, toothpaste on the sink, piss on the toilets, and even a fake fingernail lying about. It was so gross.

We were forced to go to the store and buy cleaning supplies and clean before we even felt comfortable staying there. With that done, we inspected the beds. The sheets had clearly not been washed as there were pubes and other hair on the sheets. It’s sickening just writing this.

All of the sheets and comforters had to be washed before even using them. The sheets were about the thickness of Kleenex and the “comforters” were basically disgusting scratchy blankets. For all of this, the host thought that $100 was fair compensation for my purchases and trouble.

The house was billed as having a heated pool. The pool was in no way heated and when asked about this, the host stated that the pump had to run the next day to heat it. What a joke – that is not how a pool is heated. I have noticed that this amenity is no longer listed.

There isn’t even any furniture to sit outside on. Another joke. Upon inspection of the piece of furniture, the living area had a nasty sectional couch. Well wouldn’t you know, numerous condoms were underneath the cushions – this was bad.

We left a few hanging clothes behind that the host promised to send me. He kept making excuses why he couldn’t send them, then finally stopped responding all together. Airbnb won’t even respond to me.

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  1. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. I am finding that a lot of hosts just do a wipe down so they can get the next renter in quickly. And, I had the same experience in Las Vegas. There was grime in the sink, mold in the shower, and the bathroom floor covered in hair. When I posted here about it I was called an uptight biddy. So our version of clean is different from others. And since Airbnb is not regulated hosts do not have to meet any requirements. I’m not using Airbnb anymore since I have found this out. It’s our word agains theirs. The thing is, if any of these hosts showed photos of the places dirty no one would rent, not even the people who said I was uptight. Airbnb’s customer service is a joke. I had to report their “lack of attetion” to the BBB and THEN they gave me a refund. You might try that.

  2. Rule 1 with airbnb. If the listing is not as listed or unsatisfactory call Airbnb immediately. Amazes me how people bitch and moan but don’t read and act on simple instructions.

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