1. Hi Prune,

    The last sentence is merely ment is a reference to a long forgotten (and not that good) teen love movie for some 10-15 years ago. Certainly, I will not use Airbnb again. That said, I do, however, believe there is some truth in the statement, that we (humans of today) have become depenendant on a number of super big companies that does not know their customers or care about the customors. Not as in the “good all days” where the business owner had a real relationship with his customers. Booking.com or the similar is not different – I’m afraid. I think we all know that (to some extent at least) – but can we really imagne a life where we book directly with the hotel, buy our flight directly with the airline, shop our groceries with the local shopkeeper (not being part of a chain etc.), not used Google, Facebook etc. At least I cannot – and that is what I really “hate” (might be too strong a word though). I think that was my point – and admitted – it was a bit political. Sorry for that 🙂

  2. Why can’t you stop using airbnb???
    Booking.com and similar sites have the same properties without the airbnb charges.

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